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Sanskrit quotes on women – Manusmiriti Shlokas

Women honor in Ancient Hindu Scriptures

from the ancient time there are tons of Sanskrit shlokas and quotes on Daughters and sisters, women should be revered as princesses, wives as women of love, queens and mothers as women revered as goddesses. Women should be respected, honored and recognized for what they contribute to our daily lives and the good aspects of the world. This is the time when we cannot remain silent, but must take action; we need commitment; and we need support from all walks of life to voluntarily support and protect our girls and children.

Indian philosophers of yesteryear, especially the Rishis, believed that the seed of divinity grows and flourishes in a cultivated society in which women are given due respect and equal opportunities to ascend in dignity. Delhi remains unsafe for men, women and women alone. In rural areas, the dominant presence of women in agriculture, both before and after harvest, has survived for centuries.

Sanskrit Quotes on Women – Manusmriti Shloka

sanskrit shlok on women Sanskrit quotes on women

Sanskrit Transcript
न कन्यायाः पिता विद्वान् ग्रह्णियात् – शुल्कम् अणु-अपि।
गृह्णन् – शुल्कं हि लोभेन स्यान् नरो अपत्यविक्रयी ।।

na kanyāyāḥ pitā vidvān grahṇiyāt – śulkam aṇu-api।
gṛhṇan – śulkaṃ hi lobhena syān naro apatyavikrayī ।।

English Translation
No father who knows (the law) must take even
the smallest gratuity for his
daughter; for a man who,
through avarice, takes a gratuity,
is a seller of his offspring.

Hindi Translation
विद्वान् पिता, कन्यादान में कुछ भी उसके बदले में मूल्य न लेवे,
यदि लोभ से कुछ ले लेता है, तो वह संतान को बेचने वाला होता हैं।

ManuSmriti 3.51

Sanskrit quote on womenSanskrit quotes on women

Sanskrit Transcript
पितृभिर् भ्रातृभिश् च-एताः पतिभिर् देवरैस् तथा।
पूज्या भूषयितव्याश् च बहुकल्याणम् ईप्सुभिः।।

pitṛbhir bhrātṛbhiś ca-etāḥ patibhir devarais tathā।
pūjyā bhūṣayitavyāś ca bahukalyāṇam īpsubhiḥ।।

English Translation
Women must be honored and adorned by their fathers,
brothers, husbands, and brothers-in-law, who desire (their own) welfare.

Hindi Translation
पिता, भाई, पति और देवर को स्त्रियों का सत्कार और
आभूषण आदि से उनको भूषित करना चाहिए। इससे बड़ा शुभ फल होता है।

ManuSmriti 3.55

Sanskrit quotes on womenSanskrit quotes on women

Sanskrit Transcript
शोचन्ति जामयोयत्र विनश्यत्याशु तत् कुलम्।
न शोचन्ति तु यत्रैता वर्धते तद्धि सर्वदा।।

śocanti jāmayoyatra vinaśyatyāśu tat kulam।
na śocanti tu yatraitā vardhate taddhi sarvadā।।

English Translation
Where the female relations live in grief, the family
soon wholly perishes; but that family where they are
not unhappy ever prospers.

Hindi Translation
जिस कुल में स्त्रियां शोक में रहती है, वह कुल शीघ्र ही बिगड़ जाता है,
और जहां प्रसन्न रहती है, वह सदा के लिए बढ़ता जाता है।

ManuSmriti 3.57

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Sanskrit quotes on women from Manusmiriti

women respect manusmriti shlokas


Sanskrit Transcript
जामयो यानि गेहानी शपन्त्यप्रतिपूजिताः।
तानि कृत्याहतानीव विनश्यन्ति समन्ततः।।

jāmayo yāni gehānī śapantyapratipūjitāḥ।
tāni kṛtyāhatānīva vinaśyanti samantataḥ।।

English Translation
The houses on which female relations,
not being duly honored, pronounce a curse,
perish completely, as if destroyed by magic.

Hindi Translation
जिस कुल में स्त्रियों का सत्कार नहीं है,
वह उनके श्राप से नष्ट हो जाता है, जैसे मारण करने से हो जाता है।

ManuSmriti 3.58

Manusmirti shloka women respectSanskrit Quotes on women

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Sanskrit Transcript
तस्मादेताः सदा पूज्या भूषण – आच्छादन – अशनैः।
भूति – कामैर् नरैर् नित्यं सत्करेषु – उत्सवेषु च।

tasmādetāḥ sadā pūjyā bhūṣaṇa – ācchādana – aśanaiḥ।
bhūti – kāmair narair nityaṃ satkareṣu – utsaveṣu ca।

English Translation
Men who seek (their own) welfare,
should always honor women on
festivals with (gifts of) ornaments,
clothes, and (dainty) food.

Hindi Translation
स्त्रियों को सत्कार के मौक़े पर और उत्सवों पर सदा गहना, वस्त्र
और स्वादिष्ट भोजन से संतुष्ट करना चाहिए।

ManuSmriti 3.59

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