“The Only Constant is Change” – Indian Scriptures

The Only Constant is Change – “परिवर्तनमेव स्थिरमस्ति”

The only constant in life is change – we all truly believe and trust in this. Time brings about so many changes in all of us, people who consider themselves inseparable live apart for so many months or years and do considerably well.. change is the key. It is very rightly said – “time is the best healer” – I would like to put it as time changes everything – it changes our priorities, our way of thinking, our way of working, our outlook, in fact time changes everything.

“परिवर्तनमेव स्थिरमस्ति” Indian Philosophy

So I would say that time in itself is not a great healer; it indirectly induces changes in us which help us carry forward with our lives. We human beings are adept at accepting changes in all spheres. Initially this may sound strange but a careful thought and insight into human nature would confirm with this fact. I would go further ahead and say that adapting to change is the key to survival and only change is the constant. One of the truths about life is that change will happen – whether we like it or not. Our ancestors knew this law and they stated as “परिवर्तनमेव स्थिरमस्ति” in our ancient scriptures which means the only constant is change and it is as true as we are and we can’t deny this fact.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We hold on tightly to some strange ideas. One idea we cling to, in spite of abundant evidence to the contrary, is that we live in a stable world. But all around us we are reminded of ever-changing conditions. Nature, the economy, are all in a constant state of transformation. We must grudgingly admit that the growth and expansion that change permits is a healthy, even necessary thing.

Keeping our balance in this unstable world is a prerequisite for a healthy and productive life. We must cope with; even embrace change, as the world around us evolves. This does not mean that we become overwhelmed and a victim of change. We can learn to ride the wave, we can define our values and hold them secure and we can keep our eye on our clearly visualized goals and use them as our guiding star. We can set our sail to catch the winds of change. With a positive mindset, the ride will be exciting. We might as well learn to enjoy change; we really don’t have any other choice.

Story about The only constant is change

You can get anything you want if you are willing to pay the price. You can even have success itself. But you won’t get it if you expect someone to bring it to you. You have to get up and get it for yourself. So we all have to learn to accept change with an open heart and mind. There is a story about a farmer who planted trees around his field so that he wouldn’t have to set fence posts. The farmer then ran barbed wire from one tree to the next. Years later, looking at the trees demonstrated how each had responded to the barbed wire wrapped around their sensitive skin (read as change).

Some trees had incorporated the wire into their trunks, and grown tall, strong and upright, in spite of the wire. Others had never adjusted to the wire and grown twisted and deformed. People are just like those trees. Some people when facing adversity (change), will adjust by incorporating it into their lives, continue on and grow tall and triumphant. Other people will allow the difficulties to twist, distort and ruin their lives. Just like the trees, it’s your choice how you face difficulty and overcome it.The key lies in accepting change and change ourselves accordingly.

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